Creve Coeur

It’s time to Celebrate…Creve Coeur is officially the second Green Power Community in Missouri!!! 

In December of 2011, the Creve Coeur City Council voted unanimously to approve initiating an EPA Green Power Community Challenge via a joint effort with Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power and Microgrid Energy. The Challenge focused on encouraging local businesses, residents and organizations to support new sources of renewable energy and reduce the Creve Coeur communityʼs carbon footprint.

In order to become an EPA Green Power Community, the city was required to offset three percent – approximately 1,500 megawatt hours – of community-wide energy usage through renewable energy sources. The goal could be achieved by installing solar with Microgrid Solar (the city’s solar partner for the challenge) or any other solar provider, or by enrolling in the Ameren Missouri Pure Power (the city’s other partner) program or any other renewable energy certificate provider.

Pure Power and Microgrid Solar worked with the city to promote the challenge, talking with residents and businesses about the challenge and green power options, and educating the community about the program and benefits of participating. At the conclusion of the initial challenge year, eleven Creve Coeur businesses were participating in the Pure Power program and six had installed solar systems. There are currently 18 businesses and 24 residences utilizing solar power.

The city surpassed the challenge requirement by offsetting 3.77 percent of the community’s energy usage with renewable energy. This offset is the equivalent of preventing 11,760 metric tons, or 25,926,599 pounds, of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. This reduction is the same as removing 2,450 passenger vehicles from the roadways for an entire year. Creve Coeur is now one of less than 50 communities nationwide to meet this challenge, the seventh in the Midwest, and is currently the only Green Power Community in the State of Missouri.

The project serves a broad population, including Creve Coeur residents, business residents, visitors, students, our neighbors in the region and future generations of St. Louis area families.

This project encompassed every facet of the community. The commitment of several of Creve Coeur’s major businesses to purchase renewable energy certificates was vital to achievement of the goal, as was the use of solar power at utilities and schools within the city, and the commitment of our residents who continue to challenge the city to do more to remain a regional leader in sustainability.

Achieving EPA Green Power Community status is a substantial accomplishment; it is a highlight among the city’s growing list of environmental efforts and a major contribution toward the city’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent by 2015.

What you can do to help Creve Coeur stay “in the green!”

The City of Creve Coeur must maintain a minimum of a three percent offset in order to remain a Green Power Community; there are two ways that businesses and residents can help Creve Coeur maintain this achievement! Use the form to the right to get started, or you can go to the websites listed below and learn more about these options.

  1. Purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
    Enroll in Pure Power or purchase RECs from any green-e certified REC supplier. Enrolling in Pure Power means paying a bit more for power each month, thereby supporting the development of wind power and other forms of renewable energy through the purchase of certified renewable energy certificates (RECs). Each REC represents the green power attributes (including the Green House Gas Emission reduction) of 1 MWh of new renewable energy produced onto our Missouri grid.
    To Enroll in Pure Power visit

  2. Install a Solar Energy System
    Systems can be installed at either a Creve Coeur business or residence, and install can be by Microgrid Energy, or any other solar installer. As part of this Challenge, Microgrid is offering a Zero Upfront Cost Option for participating residents and businesses.
    For more information visit